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    Diversity & Inclusion at Knowles

    Be You. Be Bold. Be Innovative Together.

    Our Commitment to a Culture of Equality

    For the past 70 years, Knowles has been on a journey of continuous innovation to bring advanced micro-acoustic, audio-processing, and precision device solutions to the world. We pride ourselves in pushing boundaries and setting industry standards in all our products and solutions for our customers, for growing communities and for every member of our team.

    We believe our diverse teams with their unique ideas, thoughts and perspectives are the building blocks for this culture of innovation at Knowles. With 7,000+ employees across 20 locations worldwide, we are committed to creating and maintaining a workplace environment that embraces the diversity of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, experiences, uniqueness of our team members. We are committed to nurturing an inclusive workplace that enables us to attract, develop and retain our team members regardless of their race, color, gender, language, national origin, religion, orientation or age.




    Our Path Forward and Areas of Focus

    Icon4Educate, Train and Build Awareness

    We want all Knowles employees to experience the feeling of belonging and feel empowered to share differing viewpoints. This starts with aligning our people, processes and programs to support our vision of diversity, equity and inclusion. Employee Resource Groups and a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council will play a critical role in our commitment to D&I by encouraging all employees to bring their whole selves to work and connect with others around shared interests.   

    Icon2Recruit, Grow and Promote

    We have dedicated ourselves to being an employer of choice for diverse talent. We're building relationships with organizations that support the advancement of underrepresented minority groups to sustain a pipeline of diverse talent for opportunities across our company. Additionally, we're working to add greater value to our development and leadership programs to better meet the unique needs of our employees' growth trajectories.  


    Icon3Give Back and Get Involved

    We're continuing our commitment to build relationships with schools that serve racially/ethnically diverse students, like Historically Black Colleges, helping these students explore career opportunities in STEM and be prepared to join a tech-skilled workforce. Our diversity outreach program will focus on providing networking opportunities, guidance and scholarships with the goal of igniting a passion for a career in STEM.


    Closing the Gender Gap in Technology

    At Knowles, attracting, retaining and developing female talent success is a business imperative. We understand the importance of gender diversity and with it the need for advancing women in STEM careers. We're continuing to partner with local organizations to help bridge the gender gap in STEM and shape the next generation of women who aspire to be a part of the new era of technology.  Through various initiatives, like mentoring, workshops and support for continuing education, we seek to accelerate women into high potential engineers and leaders alike. Learn how we're empowering women's success. 

    Knowles Women in Engineering


    CEO Action for Racial Equity

    We’re committed to nurturing an inclusive workplace that enables us to develop diverse talent. As part of our efforts, Knowles Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Niew has joined other industry leaders on pledging to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace. The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge embodies our dedication to foster an inclusive workplace for our employees across the globe.

    Learn More About the Pledge

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