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    Quality Assurance

    Quality and Environmental Management

    Knowles is committed to delivering high quality products that meet our customers' needs. We operate in a responsible manner to ensure the health and safety of people, preservation of the environment, and consistent delivery of our products and services which are compliant with all applicable requirements.

    Quality Policy                EHS Policy

    Our manufacturing operations are certified to the following standards:

    ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 45001IATF 16949
    Malaysia:ISO 9001ISO 14001 ISO 45001 
    Philippines:ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 45001 
    UK:ISO 9001ISO 14001IATF 16949 
    USA-CA:ISO 9001   
    USA-IL:ISO 9001   
    USA-NY:ISO 9001+AS9100DISO 14001  
    USA-NJ:ISO 9001   
    Dominican Republic: ISO 9001   


    Material Compliance

    The elimination of hazardous materials from products is a global initiative. Knowles believes in protecting the environment and offers products that comply with global, regional, and local standards for products including RoHS and REACH.

    Request Compliance Information

    Supplier Management

    Excellent suppliers are critical to producing quality products. Our Sourcing and Supplier Quality teams collaborate closely on the qualification of new suppliers. Supplier performance is then monitored regularly through scorecards, audits and performance reviews.

    Knowles suppliers are expected to adhere to the following requirements:

    Supplier Quality Manual

    Supplier Code of Conduct

    Conflict Minerals Requirement

    Cobalt Requirement

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