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    Our Culture

    A fundamental aspect of Knowles culture is our commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusion. We are proud that our workforce reflects the communities in which we live and work. We embrace backgrounds, opinions, talents, experiences and perspectives makes us a stronger business, and helps to foster a truly collaborative workplace. Effective diversity and inclusion requires cross-functional collaboration within Knowles, as well as with our customers and suppliers. This philosophy is a core tenant of our Mission, Vision and Values.


    Enriching life by enabling superior audio experiences.


    To become the leading global innovator of high-performance audio solutions.

    Our Values

    Our Culture


    Learn more about career opportunities at Knowles.


    Innovative Thinker


    We take smart risks and leverage our deep expertise to develop emerging technologies.

    Passionate Fire in Hands


    We work to discover new solutions that improve people's lives.

    Agile Global Rotation


    We anticipate the velocity of an ever-changing industry, and deliver unique ideas to solve our customers' toughest challenges.


    Trustworthy Handshake


    We are an honest and dependable partner who delivers on the promises we make.

    Empowered Spaceship


    We believe in a culture where bright, creative people are expected and celebrated, and everyone's contribution helps to drive change and achieve success.

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