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    Premium Sound

    Small in size. Big on sound.

    Balanced armature drivers. Premium audio in a tiny package.

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    Knowles balanced armatures improve sound quality and audio fidelity, realism and detail in both IEMs (in-ear monitors) and consumer True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones. In wired or wireless earphones, balanced armature drivers are small enough to replicate the performance of premium loudspeakers by allowing separate woofers, mid-range drivers, and tweeters to be combined in a single package.

    Balanced armatures raise the bar on audio excellence, delivering superior fidelity and expansive treble performance within a compact, lightweight, and low-power design suitable for today’s most advanced in-ear designs.  

    As an audio pioneer and global leader in balanced armature receiver design, Knowles collaborates with leading brands globally to deliver exceptional premium audio experiences. 

    Hearable component

    What is a balanced armature?  
    Learn how a balanced armature driver works and understand its key components.



    The balanced armature advantage 
    Discover how premium sound, small size and less weight add up to a superior driver.



    Balanced armature applications 
    See where balanced armature drivers are being used throughout the industry.



    The Knowles difference 
    Learn what goes into making Knowles balanced armature drivers better.

    Hearable hybrid

    Multi and hybrid systems 
    Combine multiple drivers or add to existing dynamic receivers for improved clarity.



    Resource center & datasheets  
    View and download datasheets, white papers, videos and presentations.

    Latest News and Design Wins


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