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    Knowles Balanced Armature Resource Center

    Knowles is the world leader in balanced armature solutions. We want you to understand the technology, its applications, and how it can work for you. Check back often for the latest information and insights into the future of pure, premium sound.



    Premium Sound Balanced Armature Datasheets, Tech Specs and 3D CAD Files

    Product Downloads


    Browse our gallery of tech videos related to Premium Sound & other acoustic topics

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    What is balanced armature?

    Balanced Armature Advantage

    The Future of Portable Audio

    Learn how balanced armature drivers provide premium sound in a smaller package.
    An overview of the benefits of balanced armature technology for today’s demanding devices.
    See how balanced armature is poised as the driver of choice for the premium sound revolution in earphones and hearables.

    WP01The Journey of SoundWhite Paper
    WP02aHearables: Achieving Longer Battery Life and Superior Sound with Greater ComfortWhite Paper
    WP03The Science of Premium Sound Using Miniature TransducersWhite Paper
    WP04Measuring Balanced Armature Drivers for Hi-Res Audio EarphonesWhite Paper
    WP05Earphones with Noise Cancellation: Balanced Armatures Support ANC While Delivering Premium SoundWhite Paper
    WP06TWS Earphones for Real Life: BAs Support Robust Water Resistance While Delivering Premium SoundWhite Paper
    WP07HD Audio Delivery and Playback in TWS EarphonesWhite Paper
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