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    Audio Processors

    Knowles AISonic™?Audio Edge Processors

    We have the most extensible family of audio processors, adaptable across any form factor. The Knowles AISonic™ Audio Edge Processors are optimized for machine learning, allowing for high compute and low power operation for voice activation, hands-free control and contextual audio processing in a range of mobile devices, TWS headsets, portable speakers, TVs and other IoT devices.

    Looking to voice-enable your applications with our Audio Edge Processors? Visit the myKnowles portal for resources, including solution kits, product briefs, discussion forums and more.


    Knowles AISonic™ IA8201: Dual Core

    The AISonic IA8201 is the industry’s first mobile-centric audio edge processor specifically designed for advanced audio and machine learning applications, enabling power-efficient intelligence and privacy at the edge. It offers robust voice activation and multi-microphone audio processing with the compute power to perform advanced audio output, context awareness and gesture control for today’s advanced consumer electronics, optimized for power-sensitive applications.

    The IA8201 includes a high compute 128-bit core (DMX) with Knowles proprietary instruction set and a Tensilica HiFi3 core (HMD), both with Knowles audio enhancements. The DMX is a 4-way floating-point SIMD processor targeted towards efficient, high-performance computing (e.g. beam-forming, barge-in, AEC), while the HMD is targeted towards efficient, low-power, wake-on-voice applications with a two-way floating-point SIMD processor. Both cores contain dedicated accelerators for FFT, peak finding and DNNs.

    A rich set of audio, and general purpose high speed interfaces enable flexible interfacing with digital microphones, other sensors, and a host for further processing. 1MB of user RAM enables storage of multiple algorithms and voice keywords.


    Product Features

    • Multi-Core: HemiDelta for low power and DeltaMax optimized for audio compute and machine learning
    • 4 mics, multiple high speed interfaces and GPIOs
    • Memory: 1MB user available RAM, with support for dynamic plugins
    • Audio Interfaces: 4x PDM in, Stereo PDM out, 3x I2S/TDM (4ch in/out)
    • Ports: 2x I2C, 2x SPI, 2 x UART, 24 GPIOs w/interrupts


    Product Brief

    IA8201 snapshot
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