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    AISonic? IoT Development Kit

    Add Voice and ML to Practically Anything

    Introducing AISonic™ Raspberry Pi Development Kit

    Knowles AISonic™ IA8201 Raspberry Pi Development Kit brings voice, audio edge processing, and machine learning (ML) listening capabilities to devices and systems in a range of new industries. This kit gives product designers and engineers from OEM/ODM companies a single tool to streamline design, development and testing of technology to push the boundaries of voice and audio integration in their respective industries.

    Enables wake-on-voice processing for low latency voice UI, noise reduction, context awareness, and accelerated machine learning inferencing for edge processing of sensor inputs. 




    • Smart Home
    • Home Entertainment
    • Smart Buildings
    • Residential and Commercial Security
    • Inference Engines for Industrial and Commercial



     Raspberry Pi with Adapter

       IA8201 Processor Board

      Mic-Array Board

    AISonic™ Audio Edge Processor IA8201 is a high-performance, ultra-low power audio-centric Open DSP supporting up to 4 mics, multiple high speed interfaces and GPIOs in two package options.



    Open DSP

    This Knowles partner program brings world-class algorithm and cloud contributors to an ecosystem where a multitude of solutions solve complex audio problems.

    Highly Optimized Advanced Instruction Set

    The DSP SDK (Software Development Kit) with Knowles and Xtensa HiFi 3 instruction sets enable extensive audio capabilities for voice and audio processing, voice user interface and ambient sound processing.

    Multi-core Audio Processing

    Two Tensilica-based, audio-centric DSP cores; one for high power compute and ML, the other for very low power always-on processing of sensor inputs.


    Low Power Voice Wake: Listens for specific OEM keywords to wake the host processor. Large memory enables processing of multiple stages on-chip for accurate results.

    Proximity Detection: When combined with an ultrasonic capable speaker and microphone, detects the distance between the system and an object; can replace an IR-Prox sensor in bezel-less phones.

    Hub: Determines location of voice source while tuning out a noisy environment and lowering music to detect voice commands. Simultaneously takes metadata input and overrides beamformer to focus on camera-tracked objects.

    Security System: Activates with a voice command. Detects glass breakage/smoke-alarm, logs direction of noise source, triggers alarm and sends alerts through WiFi connection.

    Looking to voice-enable your applications with Knowles?

    Visit the myKnowles portal for resources, including solution kits, product briefs, discussion forums and more.



    Please download our complimentary whitepaper on technical considerations for adding Voice


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